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  1. Color Accents Wall to Wall Carpet, West Los Angeles Carpet Showroom
    Color Accents Modular $3.49/Sq. Ft
  2. ColorBeat Modular by Lees Carpet
    ColorBeat Modular $3.89/Sq. Ft
  3. ColorBeat Plank by Lees Carpet
    ColorBeat Plank $3.89/Sq. Ft
  4. Bending Earth Collection, Datum Modular by Bigelow Commercial
    Datum Modular $2.69/Sq. Ft
  5. Fast Break Modular Carpet Tile, Color Run and Gun #2148, Pentz Commercial Solution
    Fast Break $1.65/Sq. Ft
    Regular Price $14.85 Special Price $11.99
  6. Formation Modular Carpet Tile, Color ASquad #1882, Pentz Commercial Solution
    Formation $1.96/Sq. Ft
  7. Shaw, Philadelphia Commercial, Hook Up Tile 54491
    Hook Up Carpet Tile $2.21/Sq. Ft
  8. Atlas Carpet Mills, Shimmer Ikat Collection, Palu Carpet Tile
    Palu Carpet Tile $5.10/Sq. Ft
  9. Inertia, Raw Carpet Tile, Color 101055 Loft
    Raw Carpet Tile $6.49/Sq. Ft
  10. Revival Modular Carpet Tile, Color Stimulus #2213, Pentz Commercial Solution
    Revival $1.65/Sq. Ft
    Regular Price $14.85 Special Price $12.99
  11. Revolution Modular Carpet Tile, Color Mutiny #1814, Pentz Commercial Solutions
    Revolution $1.80/Sq. Ft
  12. Rhone Carpet Tile by Kraus Carpet, A Canadian Carpet Company
    Rhone Carpet Tile $1.85/Sq. Ft
  13. Stipple, Gesso 13111 installed in Herringbone Pattern
    Stipple Carpet Tile $3.99/Sq. Ft
  14. Atlas Carpet Mills, Shimmer Ikat Collection, Sumatra Carpet Tile
    Sumatra Carpet Tile $5.10/Sq. Ft
  15. Atlas Carpet Mills, Archeologique Collection, Tausert Carpet Tile
    Tausert Carpet Tile $7.39/Sq. Ft
  16. Atlas Carpet Mills, Shimmer Ikat Collection, Tegal Carpet Tile
    Tegal Carpet Tile $5.10/Sq. Ft
  17. Uplink Tile by Pentz Commercial, Level Loop Commercial Carpet Tile
    Uplink Carpet Tile $1.65/Sq. Ft
    Regular Price $14.85 Special Price $11.99
  18. Vestibule Modular, Color Noir - 1423, Pentz Commercial Floors
    Vestibule Modular $7.22/Sq. Ft
  19. Link Collection, Wired Carpet Tile by Philadelphia Commercial
    Wired Carpet Tile $2.21/Sq. Ft
  20. Zip It Carpet Planks by Mohawk Group
    Zip It Carpet Tile $4.09/Sq. Ft

39 Items

per page
Set Descending Direction

Carpet Tile

Carpet Tile also called Modular Carpet or Carpet Square is consist normally of bonded carpet. It seals the yarns into the vinyl backing and this binds the yarn in to the back and making it nearly impossible to unravel. Such construction  makes carpet squares perfect for heavy traffic and commercial uses. It creates a backing system that is much more durable than Jute and/or Action Back, which is on most roll goods. Their main advantage is that it is a relatively easy job to replace a tile when some type of damage takes place without having to replace the whole carpet. Tiles from underneath furniture can be swapped with those in high-traffic area to even out wear. They also allow easy access to under-floor wiring or plumbing. Extra replacement tiles should be purchased with the main batch, as those brought at a later date will almost certainly be different dye lot. Thus carpet tile is the fastest growing flooring category in commercial interiors. It comes in many inventive patterns and rich colors in various sizes like 16"x16", 18"x18", 19.7"x19.7", 24"x24" and etc. Varying thickness and patterns are available, as well as hundreds of different colors. They can be purchased either dry-backed or self-sticking. The dry-backed version needs a special adhesive (easy release). For less permanent jobs, double-faced tape can be used. Modular carpets can go over almost any surface, as long as it is clean and dry. However, it is not highly recommended for use in below-ground areas, such as a basement, because it could create mildew.

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