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Saltillo Tile Floor

Saltillo tiles are centuries old Terra Cotta Pavers made in Northern Mexico, exclusively in the town of Saltillo. These Handmade Tiles are made from Natural Clay and the way they are stacked and positioned in the Kiln, produce their natural soft shading and range of colors from amber to terra-cotta. Sun-dried terracotta tiles can only be truly called Saltillo if they were produced in Saltillo. These tiles are shaped by hand from naturally occurring clay in the area and then dried in the sun. They are later fired in a kiln. Terracotta, meaning "burnt earth" in Italian, can refer to any sort of natural clay formed into tiles, dried, then fired in a kiln. Saltillo tiles normally contain Lime Pops which expose themselves over time and are frequently absent in Italian clays. In addition, the Italian, French, and Spanish terracotta can frequently be more durable due to their extruded manufacturing process.
The great popularity of Saltillo Tiles are attributed to their universal appeal and their low cost. Saltillo Tile compliments any style of decoration and it can be used in interior and mild climates exterior applications. These natural terra-cotta tiles have been used for centuries throughout the world. In France for Country French Style; in Italy, Spain, Portugal and Mexico fro Mediterranean Architeture.
Saltillo tiles have some variation in color, size and thickness, as they are hand-made tiles from natural native clays and fired in  old designed oven that have been used for many many years. Color  variation of Saltillos are from reddish to yellowish because of their placement in the kiln. Tiles closer to the flame become more yellow in color and upper section of the kiln will fire red.
Regular Saltillo has lots of character with square edges and square corners. Super Saltillo has smoother surface, rounded cedges and rounded corners. Regular Saltillo and Super Salttilo are made from the same clay and fired in the same kiln, but molded differently.

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