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Wallcoverings are about LIVING WALLS and Wallpapers are like an elegant picture frame or set of luxurious linens, make great housewarming gifts. Look for timeless styles that can work in any room and are likely to stay with the recipient for years to come. One way to ensure that your gift will be treasured throughout the years is to have the item engraved or embroidered with a monogram. When designing the monogram, choose from a variety of styles, giving the item a personal touch that will surely be remembered.
Our brands are synonymous with interior design of premium wall coverings in the Europe and North America. We feature collections, distinguished by their breadth of pattern, color and texture, feature an array of textured, hand-woven grasscloths, paper-backed natural linens, silk woven, embossed vinyl wallcoverings and modern and historic prints and Wallpaper Murals.
Equally as important as providing these beautiful wallcoverings, is the emphasis of addressing our environment and today's stringent fire codes. With this in mind, Carpet Floor & More offers unique collections of 100% linen, silk, authentic wood veneer wallcoverings, and timeless collections of bamboo, cork, grasscloth, mica and sisal wallcoverings, all of which carry "Class A" Fire Ratings. Commercial wallcoverings for hotels and hospitals, acoustical wallcoverings such as cork, and artificial leather for special applications, are also available.

Some of our environmentally friendly natural fiber wallcoverings
Bamboo is found at the edges of streams in sandy soil. The skins of the stalks are peeled and then slit into various sizes. Bamboo fiber makes a very desirable product for hand-made papers.
Cork wall covering products are all natural cork and made by harvesting only the bark of the cork oak, the tree itself is never felled. The bark requires periodic harvesting in order to preserve the longevity of the tree. Bark is harvested about once a decade from the cork oak, and with regular and proper bark harvests, the trees live for more than a century.
Grasscloth is a cloth made of woven plant fibers, has long been a popular choice for home decor, primarily as a wall covering. Because grass cloth comes in different textures and a wide range of colors, it can brings a natural, serene effect to your room and function as a dramatic focal point in a room or as a subtle backdrop for furnishings.
Jute is commonly known as Gunny, Burlap and Hessian. Only certain geographic regions can product a high grade, durable jute fiber.
Seagrass is grown in damp-ground grass beds, and harvested during the summer season. The long strap-like blades are dried, fermented and hand-selected for color.
Sisalis cultivated for its large, sword-shaped leaves that provide stiff fibers. After the leaves are crushed, the green pulp is scraped away to leave long fibers, which are then dried and prepared for weaving.
Stone products are from the Earth. A high temperature treatment by nature turns these mineral products into a beautiful variety of colors. Granite, Marble, Limestone, Travertine and Onyx are the most popular natural stones for wallcovering applications.

*Heavier wallcoverings such as grasscloth, fibers and fabric will cover any slight imperfections in walls, and absorbs noise.

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