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  1. Antrim, Congo premium Wool Carpet, Color Ink on Floor
    Antrim, Congo $5.89/Sq. Ft
  2. Eureka Hand loomed Carpet, by Antrim
    Antrim, Eureka $10.49/Sq. Ft
  3. Gobi, Cream Hand Loom Wool Broadloom, by Stanton
    Antrim, Gobi $6.79/Sq. Ft
  4. Antrim, Katra Hand Loomed Wool Carpet
    Antrim, Katra $8.29/Sq. Ft
  5. Antrim Thacher wool blend carpet, by Stanton
    Antrim, Thacher $11.79/Sq. Ft
  6. Thrive Hand loomed Carpet, by Antrim
    Antrim, Thrive $10.79/Sq. Ft
  7. Arabella, Golden by Stanton Carpet
    Arabella $5.89/Sq. Ft
  8. Aspire Waterfall Atelier, color Pebble, Room Scene by Stanton
    Aspire Waterfall $6.59/Sq. Ft
  9. Barbados Wool & Sisal, STANTON
    Barbados Sisal & Wool $7.39/Sq. Ft
  10. Cha Cha carpet style by Stanton Carpet
    Cha Cha $7.49/Sq. Ft
  11. Clairbella by Stanton Carpet
    Clairbella $5.89/Sq. Ft
  12. Craze, Atelier Portfolio Collection by Stanton Carpet in Los Angeles
    Craze $5.39/Sq. Ft
  13. Stanton Carpet, Da Vinci Style, Wall to Wall Carpet with Matching Border & Runner
    Da Vinci $5.49/Sq. Ft
  14. Divine Retreat Tuftex, Pashmona 00754, Room Scene
    Divine Retreat $7.99/Sq. Ft
  15. Epic II, color Daydream 231 of Dream Weaver Brand, by Engineered Floors
    Epic I / II $3.09/Sq. Ft
  16. Fairwater, Color Ocean by Stanton Carpet
    Fairwater $6.59/Sq. Ft
  17. Full Court by Shaw Industry
    Full Court $1.11/Sq. Ft
  18. Gothem 9600 Broadloom Carpet Room Scene
    Gotham $3.19/Sq. Ft
  19. Stanton Carpet Harry style, 100% Newzealand
    Harry $11.89/Sq. Ft
  20. Hawkeye II
    Hawkeye II $2.29/Sq. Ft
  21. Heirloom Tuftex, Bon Bon 00759 Color, Broadloom
    Heirloom $7.99/Sq. Ft
  22. Jazzy carpet style by Stanton Carpet
    Jazzy $7.59/Sq. Ft
  23. Legend Maze by Stanton Carpet
    Legend Maze $5.99/Sq. Ft
  24. Legend Ogee in Grey Pearls
    Legend Ogee $5.99/Sq. Ft
  25. Madera Tuftex Broadloom Rom, color Indigo #00458
    Madera $5.39/Sq. Ft
  26. Merge by Stanton, Residential and Light Commercial Carpet
    Merge $4.49/Sq. Ft
  27. Mozart by Royal Dutch, Trademark of Stanton Carpet Corp.
    Mozart $7.69/Sq. Ft
  28. Muse, Atelier Marquee Collection by Stanton Carpet, the softest carpet ever
    Muse $7.99/Sq. Ft
  29. Room Scene of New Wave, Windswept 00222,by Tuftex
    New Wave $6.49/Sq. Ft
  30. Novelty, Atelier Portfolio Collection by Stanton Carpet in Los Angeles
    Novelty $5.39/Sq. Ft
  31. Passport Carpet Style by Stanton Carpet
    Passport $4.49/Sq. Ft
  32. Perfect Choice, Anderson Tuftex Broadloom
    Perfect Choice $5.79/Sq. Ft
  33. Panterra by Stanton Carpet
    Pioneer Interlock $5.79/Sq. Ft
  34. Pursuit Carpet Style by Stanton Carpet
    Pursuit $4.59/Sq. Ft
  35. Sequoia, Natural Wonders Collection by Stanton Carpet
    Sequoia $5.49/Sq. Ft
  36. Showstopper Dream Weaver, Cozy Carpet Room by Engineered Floors
    Showstopper I / II $2.89/Sq. Ft
  37. Room Scene of Seaport Blue 00475, Springer's Point by Anderson Tuftex
    Springer's Point $4.39/Sq. Ft
  38. Starry Flicker, Silk Touch Broadloom, Color Metal, by Stanton
    Starry Flicker $6.99/Sq. Ft
  39. Room Scene of Seaport Blue 00475, Stroll by Anderson Tuftex
    Stroll $4.39/Sq. Ft
  40. Talia Stanton Carpet 50% WOOL,30% NEW ZEALAND WOOL AND 20% NYLON
    Talia $11.49/Sq. Ft

Items 1-50 of 58

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Wall to Wall Carpets Los Angeles

Wall-to-Wall Carpets also called Broadloom Carpet, Fitted Carpet or Carpeting is a carpet woven consisting of a piece of thick heavy fabric on a very wide loom to eliminate the need for seams. They have a distinct and obvious advantage when used to create area carpeting in large rooms, as they can be installed without creating seams. Seamless carpet of any weave, woven on a wide loom, usually 6 to 18 ft (1.8 to 5.5 m) wide.

Construction materials for Wall-to-Wall Carpets or Broadloom Carpets vary. It is possible to find natural materials like wool, horsehair, and sisal, typically for a moderate price, along with synthetics like nylon and polyester and etc. Some synthetic broadlooms are designed to be static and fire resistant (flammability) to meet regional building codes, either with the use of chemical treatments (protective treatments) or specialty fibers. The primary backing of a broadloom carpet like Jute or action back tends to be extremely durable, so that the carpet can withstand hard use.

When a broadloom carpet is installed as Wall-to-Wall carpeting or area carpeting A firm and resilient carpet cushion also called carpet padding or under-pad, is necessary to form a good foundation for your carpet, increasing its comfort and extending its life, by absorbing the impact of foot traffic. Underpad also adds insulation and reduces noise and also protects the carpet from condensation. Pad thicknesses vary, from relatively thin to extremely plush, and they affect the overall look and feel of the carpet once it is installed.

Wall-to-Wall Carpet is typically nailed in place with carpet tacks or staples once it has been cut to size. The introduction of 'smoothedge' also known as 'tackless strips' or 'gripper strip' simplified the installation of wall-to-wall carpeting over carpet padding, increasing the neatness of the finish at the wall. Because tackless strips are essentially the same thickness as carpet, using tackless strips yields a level edge, whereas tacking gives an uneven edge.

Tackless strip is a 4' X 1" strip of wood beveled on one edge with many small tacks protruding through from the bottom. Tackless does not refer to the object itself, but to its ability to hold a carpet in place without tacks through the carpet. It is placed around the perimeter of the area to be carpeted, with the beveled edge side nearest the wall and held in place with nails. The carpet fits over it (held on the tacks) and is wedged into the narrow gully left between the wall and beveled side giving a smooth edge. Tackless strips allow stretching of the carpet during installation, greatly improving the appearance of the installation. Stretching can be performed with the use of a power stretcher or a manual knee-kicker.

Gluing Wall-to-Wall Carpet is simpler as the carpet is cut to the wall by the fitter and glued directly to floor or glued to the carpet padding (double stick method of installation).

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