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Hardwood Floors

Because of its warm and welcoming looks, fine Hardwood Flooring has been the foundation of residential living for centuries. Beauty and durability along with the fact that wood is a renewable resource adds to its attraction as a flooring material. Although Hardwood Floors cost more than some other types of flooring, but it will bring positive value addition to your property and in most cases last much longer than softer flooring materials like Carpet. Carpet Floor & More, offeres high-end hardwood flooring in West Los Angeles and all Southern California.

Laminate Floors

Laminate flooring is ranking ever higher in the popularity ratings. Hardly any other kind of flooring can compete in terms of ease of maintenance and durability, offering so much room for creativity whilst providing the beauty of hardwood floor or Ceramic Tile. Laminated floor is most forgiving when it comes to warding off mishaps. Compared with many other floorings, laminate floors are extremely durable, impact-resistant, castor-proof and largely impervious to cigarette burns and stains. Even marks left by felt-tip or ballpoint pens or nail varnish are quick and easily removed; and No Refinishing is needed with laminate floors after all.

Natural Stones

Natural stone is a geographical refers to a list of stone products quarried from the earth  and used in construction, decorative designs and monumental sculpture.  Most  admired classified stones based on their appearance and durability are Granite, Marble,  Limestone,  Travertine,  Slate, Quartzite, Sandstone, Adoquin and Onyx. Natural stone is mined from selected quarry based on its unique hardness and beauty in various countries for centuries.

Manufactured Stones

Manufactured stones, such as Stone Veneers and Brick Veneers, are cast in flexible molds of real stone. Manufactured stones are made of lightweight materials and are hand colored with Iron Oxide pigments. The Architectural Stone veneers are approximately quarter the weight and approximately one-half the cost of Natural Stones. Because of its lightweight properties, manufactured stone can be installed to most wall surfaces and does not require anchor.

Floor & Wall Tiles

Floor & Wall Tiles have proven to be the most durable material in construction business for centuries, when it comes to Floor Covering and Wallcovering aspects. Tiles are made from different materials in wide range of textures and colors. They are distinguished by the fact of being Man-made (synthetic) Tiles or made of Natural Stones. The most popular Wall & Floor Tiles or Field Tiles are Ceramic Tiles, used for walls, floors, countertops, backsplashes and as Pool Tiles. Ceramic Tiles are usually made of a mixture of fine (glazed or unglazed) clays, pressed into shape and fired at a high temperature (kiln firing) to give the tile its hardness. Other known man-made tiles are: Glass Tiles, Metal Tiles, Pavers, Saltillo Tiles and Quarry Tiles

Linoleum, Vinyl and VCT Floors

Many people confuse vinyl flooring with linoleum. The fact is the two floors are very different; Vinyl Flooring is made of a mixture of Polyvinyl Chloride with added pigments for color; on the other hand Linoleum Flooring is a Green Flooring Product and it is made of 100% natural material like Jute, Powdered Wood, Cork, Pine Resin, Linseed Oil and Natural Pigments. Both Vinyl and Linoleum are manufactured in Sheet Good and Tile. Sheet Flooring are offered mostly in 6', 6'6" and 12' width, white tiles come in various shapes and sizes. VCT or Vinyl Composition Tile is a perfect example of Resilient Tile Flooring. VCT is made of Vinyl or Vinyl Composition materials and has been used in commercial and industrial properties for years. 

Rubber Floors

Rubber flooring is an innovative, eco-friendly flooring product that provides the perfect combination of cushioned resilience, toughness, value and visual appeal. Rubber floor has taken the art of flooring options to almost no-limit level; from custom designed resilient rubber flooring tiles to unique Acoustic Floor Underlayment and flooring rolls, from a wide variety of color and chip size combinations to endless thickness and finish options. It will enable you to create personalized designs and  perfect floor for Weight Rooms, Home Gyms, Fitness Centers, Community Centers, Health Clubs, Recreation Centers, Golf Clubs, Educational Centers, Playgrounds, Daycare Centers, Churches, Fire and Police Stations, Physical Therapy and Health Centers. Recycled Rubber Flooring rolls, presenting the best rolled Sport Flooring that eliminates seams and It also has no VOCs, is sound and shock absorbent and is easy to maintain. 

Cork Floors

The bark of a tree commonly known as Cork Oak and native to the Mediterranean region. The bark naturally splits every 9 to 15 years and can be safely harvested causing no harm to the tree. Cork is naturally hypoallergenic and resistant to mold and mildew. Cork Flooring is Available in Sheet to be used for acoustical purposes and also Cork Tiles and Cork Planks as finished flooring products. 

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