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Limestone Flooring

Limestone is a sedimentary rock consisting largely of the composed grains. Most of grains in Limestone are skeletons of marine organisms. Limestone is formed by material which settles to the bottom of bodies of water and over millions of years, solidifies (lithifies) into solid rock. Earth movements over extremely long periods of earth’s history can lift limestone miles into the air. Some limestones are not consist of grains and are formed by chemical preciptation of calcite or aragonite, the best example is Travertine.

Limestone floor tiles are an attractive way to finish any room. The clean & smooth finish complimented by a range of natural colors helped Limestones to propel their popularity in many modern homes and businesses. The muted tones of limestone are perfect for today's more casual and comfortable lifestyles. Generally these soft beiges and tans, either polished or honed, are appropriate for bathrooms, fireplaces, counter-tops, walls and floors, where a more informal decor is desired.

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