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Window Shutters

Known for their beauty and quality, Wood Shutters offer Old World craftsmanship for a timeless look.

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Window Shutters

Window shutters also known as interior plantation shutters, are the ultimate in custom window coverings, offering long-term value and increased appreciation of your home. Shutters are interior blinds traditionally made from broad slats of wood mounted in a solid frame. The design of plantation shutters promotes the free flow of air through a structure in a warm climate, while also creating shade to keep the interior of the structure cool. You may also hear plantation shutters referred to as louvres or jalousies, and they come in a range of shapes and sizes to conform with variously-shaped windows and doors.
Simple plantation shutters fill an entire window, with a rod in the middle of the shutter which can be used to open and close the blinds. Commonly, plantation shutters are hinged, so that they can be pulled all the way open for additional ventilation, and some come in sets of hinged panels which are folded across the window, allowing people to fold part of all of the shutter back, depending on their needs.
Shutters add timeless charm to any room, and are a perfect combination of beauty and practicality. They have a bold clean design, and the ability to significantly control light. Shutters are available in an assortment of classic paints and stains or custom colors. Wood shutters are available in an assortment of classic paints and stains or custom colors. Shutters require minimal care and are a true investment to your home.
Although wood is the classic material for plantation shutters, it is also possible to find shutters made from plastic and various composites. People who are concerned about the ethical implications of using wood may choose recycled composite materials, which can be dyed or painted, depending on the product. Composites are also sometimes easier to clean than traditional wooden shutters, and they may be more durable, and less prone to fading or cracking in the sun. Composite wood shutters are nearly indistinguishable from real wood, and vinyl shutters offer a great look with scratch-resistant durability. Both are moisture resistant and are available in a wide variety of customizable looks.
The beauty and lasting elegance of custom interior Plantation Shutters custom made for you at an affordable price! Providing endless utility, a lifetime of beauty and a perfect fit with any decor only at Carpet Floor & More, Inc. located at 2349 Westwood Boulevard, Los Angeles, California 90064, USA 

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