Wood Blinds


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Wood Blinds

Wood blinds made generally from basswood or similar wood, in 1" and 2" slat. They are the perfect alternative to window wood shutters and are among the most beautiful and enduring window treatments in today's window fashion design. Wood Blinds add warmth and natural beauty to your home décor while providing energy efficiency. Window wood blinds bring richness, style, and natural beauty to any room. The beautiful stained and painted finishes enhance any decorating design. Wood blinds are very good natural insulators and at the same time represent an investment to your property by adding value to your home. Cleaning has never been easier; a simple dusting is all that is required to keep these blinds looking clean and beautiful. They are also very good natural insulators.

Real Wood, Real Benefits

*A three-step drying process and a strict adherence to quality standards guarantee the straightest possible wood components
*Graber craftsmen skillfully apply vibrant stains and environmentally-friendly water-based paint finishes for a stunning look
*Our wood components are carefully constructed with the highest degree of quality & attention to detail
*Our Great Lakes-based foresters practice sustained yield forestry management & send their green lumber to our responsibly-managed sawmills in Grayling, Michigan–the heart of basswood country. Lightweight, rigid, and boasting richly distinct grain, basswood is the premier North American hardwood used in the construction of blinds.
*The green philosophy continues at the Graber wood processing plant where recycled sawdust and wood shavings are used to generate the heat required to dry lumber and warm the facility.

Window Treatment Control Options

Wand Tilt: Instead of cords, a single, slender wand closes blinds; available with cord lift or cordless lift
Cord Tilt: Easy-to-operate, the durable cord tilt allows you to close slats more tightly; available with cord lift or cordless lift
Motorized TiltAn alternative to cords with easy operation at the touch of a button; available with cord lift

Take control of your space with options that offer additional light blocking and privacy

Traditions Wood Blinds:  1", 2", and 2⅜" 100% North American hardwood slats are engineered for outstanding performance and a timeless beauty
Elite Wood Blinds: Hand-crafted on demand—2" or 2⅜" hardwood slats are hand finished with your custom color or one of ours, ensuring the finest possible craftsmanship
Elite Wood Vertical Blinds: The same level of craftsmanship and high-end appeal found in Graber Elite wood blinds—for your wide windows and patio doors

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