Vertical Blinds


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Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds generally have wider slats and have the added feature of being able to pull a cord to stack the slats together either to one side or to separate in the center and stack on each end. Vertical blinds allow rotation of slats by a rotating shaft in the upper head rail housing which runs through independent geared carriers that will convert twisting of tilt rail to a rotation of each individual slat in synchrony. Vertical blinds are a sophisticated window treatment that gives patio doors and large windows drama and dimension. Vertical Blinds are still a desired window treatment for various reasons. For one, they bring elegance into any room. Vertical blinds are also easy to maintain, and provide excellent light control as they come in a variety of textures, colors and patterns. In addition, they are practical and simple to clean. Vertical blinds are the perfect solution for sliding doors and wide windows.

Durable, easy to operate, and available in a wide range of colors and materials, Graber Vertical Blinds are a cost-effective solution for reliable light control on your wide windows and patio doors.

 Three Versatile Vertical Blind Solutions

  • Fabric—With light filtering options from sheer to room darkening, these classic, machine-washable blinds are available in a wide range of fabric colors to match any interior
  • Sheer—Sheer fabric verticals give the appearance of drapery with the light control and privacy of a blind
  • Vinyl—A proven solution, these durable, easy-to-clean blinds come in a wide-range of on-trend colors and embossed patterns


Three vinyl and fabric vane styles. 

  1. Vinyl Crown Vanes: The best selling crown profile is available with smooth or embossed textures
  2. Vinyl S-Shaped Vanes: A more drapery-like look and better closure for more light control and privacy
  3. Fabric Vanes: Designer styles are available across a range of sheer to room darkening weaves and materials

Both vinyl options are durable, cost-effective solutions that are easy to clean. Fabric vanes will add a touch of sophistication to your window coverings

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