IndusParquet 3/4"x3" Solid Hardwood

$7.99/Sq. Ft
IndusParquet 3/4"x3" Solid Hardwood
IndusParquet 3/4"x3" Solid Hardwood is available to buy in increments of 21.1

IndusParquet Smooth Flooring
Exotic Solid Hardwood
 (3/4"Thick, 3" Width by Random Length: 1'-7')

100% solid hardwood is the hallmark of beauty and durability. The ¾” thick solid hardwood construction delivers consistent beauty throughout the thickness of each piece of flooring that can be sanded and refinished multiple times should it ever be required

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Exotic Solid Hardwood Planks 
(3/4"Thick, 3" Width, 11" to 84" Random Length)

Bring nature to your interior place by this style of IndusParquet Smooth Flooring in exotic colors. Caring for your Indus Parquet prefinished hardwood flooring is as easy as one-two-three. Simply sweep, vacuum, or dust mop. Use a damp cloth to blot up spills. Clean periodically using a leading brand of cleaner made for prefinished hardwood floors. It’s that simple. IndusParquet UV cured aluminum oxide finish does the rest, providing superior wear and stain resistance, elegant natural beauty, and years of hassle-free enjoyment.

It’s harmony. Everything working together, naturally. This is such a classically exquisite look that it’s casual, but still impressively luxurious. Sold. Classic. Something everyone appreciates, because this is the best nature has, combined with the artwork of the artisans, who know how to make it fit your modern taste. Amendoim's reddish brown hues combine with darker striping that is accented with a unique wavy grain variation.

Brazilian wood has too much spirit to be subdued, but Angico is subtle, yet strong. With just a hint of bold, it is distinctive in its refinement. Understated colors, restrained lines, it collaborates better with its surroundings, rather than dominates the room. Angico is just equally adept in the most rural countryfied settings, or the most contemporary urban dwelling. Refreshing as it is intriguing; it is wood flooring that is comfortable in its own skin.

Brazilian Cherry (Jatoba)
One of the most popular every year, because this is a classic Brazilian beauty. Rich traditional tones that breathe warmth into a room instantly. It collaborates gracefully with modern furniture, but also handles classic and antiques gracefully. This flooring is rooted in greatness, unwavering in it’s overwhelming simplicity. Brazilian Cherry or Jatoba's natural reddish brown color and superior hardness has made it a favorite for all applications. Featuring distinctive and varied grain patterns, coupled with a litany of colorful hues, Jatoba matures to a beautiful rich mosaic.

 Brazilian Chestnut
The beautifully dark, richer, deeper version of the classic chestnut flooring; this one is bold, beautiful. It’s the unique Brazilian take – filled with spirit and artistry - on one of the world’s most popular woods which brings the best of both worlds to your home.

Brazilian Rosewood
This is a room anchor that appears seamless, even with the darker veining. It’s soft for a wood, but carries a shiny, smooth texture. It just fits anywhere. This true rosewood is obtained from the heartwood of the finest trees, the center of fragrance and soul of the oldest trees. Often used for guitars; it also resonates. But you’ll love the close, dense grain, the color and the esprit.

 Brazilian Teak
This tropical is from the super popular large tree that is famous for its durability. But it’s the look of teak that has attracted wood connoisseurs for years. The brownish-red color mixes with dark patches and gets darker with age. Its playful rings are what attracts the eye, but its coloration is what makes it so popular among those with discerning tastes. This is a Brazilian standard so intriguing in color that the extra care and effort artisans invest in bringing it to your home is more.

Brazilian Walnut
Incredibly durable and beautiful Brazilian Walnut is the perfect choice for any home.The finest hardwood in the world and three times harder than American oak. It whispers warmth. The straight grain emphasizes its strength and stability, but it’s the Brazilian color that you end up loving. Deep, Rich, Durable. It’s like you have the most solid comfort right under your feet. But this is strong stock, classically colored … and will be beautiful forever. There’s a glow to it, an inviting and welcoming calm that anchoBrazilian Walnut features a distinctive range of dark brown and deep blond hues that mix to form an exotic and rich brown color. 

 Santos Mahogany
Santos Mahogany's reddish brown to deep red color remains stable after installation and features a unique grain variation that adds an exquisite touch to many applications. Simply the highest standard for excellence in the word for the reddish-brown family. It is the prized beauty. Famous for straight grain that’s fine and even. The deep warm tones. It speaks to your creative and imaginative side, and it has inspired artists and musicians for decades. It’s so elegant, you won’t know whether to dance on it, or hug it. It’s hardwood that’s so soft on the eyes, but twice as hard as American Oak.

Every discerning eye turns to tigerwood when it wants to combine class with a bit of drama. The Brazilian version is all sophistication, and this makes it one of the most popular selections among the smooth finished products in our collection. Even those who don’t buy tigerwood love to view the elegance, see the most famously exotic hardwood in the world. Strong, rare and confident; this selection sets the standard for this category worldwide.

More Information
CollectionIndusParquet Smooth Flooring
Style NameIndusParquet 3/4"x3" Solid Hardwood
Country of OriginBrazil
SpeciesAmendoim, Angico, Brazilian Cherry, Brazilian Chestnut, Brazilian Teak, Brazilian Walnut , Burma Rosewood, Santos Mahogany, Tigerwood
LengthRandom Lenght (11"- 84")
Edge TypeMicro Bevel Edges & Ends
FinishINDURO ™ Aluminum Oxide
FaceSmooth or Wirebrushed
Installation MethodNail Down only
Where to InstallOn or Above Grade only
Available TrimsReducer, Nosing (3-1/2" & 5-1/2"), T-Molding, Threshold
Warranty25 Year Residential, 5 Year Light Commercial
Price / Sq. Ft.$7.99
Sq. Ft. / Carton21.10
Price / Carton$168.59
Freight to CFM$100.00
Freight to CustomerPlease call (310) 481-0611 for Freight Charge
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