Onyx Tile 12"x12"

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12x12 Onyx

Onyx is a semi-precious form of chalcedony which has alternating straight bands of color, most commonly brown, red, white, and black. Chalcedony is the group name for a large family of stones, all of which form from silicon dioxide, also known as quartz. In order to be classed as chalcedony, a stone must be milky, and translucent to transparent, often with layers or bands of color. The color of onyx, as with other forms of chalcedony, is created through impurities which seep into the rock as it forms. Natural stone coloration is inherently variable. Color samples shown are representational only. Contact us for actual product samples prior to selection. Note: Some Onyx are not available for specific tile size and/or slab

Onyx is very similar to agate and formed from quartz. With cryptocrystalline structure and translucent property, Onyx is one of the more popular precious gemstones. Onyx are generally formed from layered deposits in warm springs and limestone caves. While water flows on existing limestone, dissolves and carry very grainy and fine structure for the re-deposits. These re-deposits crystal's are fused together for millions of years to form translucent layer which in turns form a unique natural stone Onyx. Naturally beautiful, translucence and line of contrasting colors running throughout which defines the unique color characteristics of the stone. Onyx colors are soft, opulent and almost fragile stone. Fireplaces, Bar tops and island are some appropriate places to use. Translucent qualities of onyx can be leveraged by placing the material under or over the lighting areas. Onyx tends to be more crystalline, strongly banded and colored in browns to yellow and clear.

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PriceStarting from $6.50 / SF.
ContentsQuartz & other Minerals
Tile Thickness3/8"
Tile Size12"x12"
Shade VariationHigh
Where to InstallFireplaces, Bar tops and Islands. Also under or over Lightings
Price / Sq. Ft.$7.50
Price / Each$7.50
Freight to CFM$100.00
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