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The Vernal Collection brings a new ambiance to hard-wax oiled floor, lustrous and modern yet subtle to recreate the atmosphere of tranquility and serenity. The Vernal Collection hardwood flooring offers an exceptional combination of possibilities for all interiors because of its pure and fresh nature look. The essence of The Vernal Collection is select premium grade wood flooring free from natural knots, natural cracks and vintage wood elements. This product can be costumed in two collections of parquet patterns: The New Classic and Palais.

Antique White: European Oak, Smoked, Smooth with Micro Bevel, Select Grade, Hard Wax Oil 
Como: European Oak, Smoked, Wire Brush with Micro Bevel, Select Grade, Hard Wax Oil 
Lugano: European Oak, Smoked, Wire Brush with Micro Bevel, Select Grade, Hard Wax Oil 
Natural: European Oak, Smooth with Micro Bevel, Select Grade, Hard Wax Oil
Natural American Walnut: American Walnut, Smooth with Micro Bevel, Aged Character Grade, Hard Wax Oil 
Old Dutch: European Oak, Smoked, Smooth with Micro Bevel, Select Grade, Hard Wax Oil 
San Tropez: European White Oak, Smoked, Wire Brushed with Micro Bevel, Select Grade, Hard Wax Oil
White Oiled: European Oak, Smoked, Smooth with Micro Bevel, Select Grade, Hard Wax Oil

THE NEW CLASSIC Parquet Patterns in VERNAL Style:
Herringbone Sizes:
L: 14-1/4" W: 3-9/16”
L: 18-13/16" W: 3-9/16"
L: 23-7/8" W: 3-9/16”
L: 35-7/8" W: 3-9/16"

THE PALAIS Parquet Patterns in VERNAL Style:
Avignon - Chaumont - Cheverny - Fountainbleu - Tournon - Versailles: (Size: 36" x 36" x 3/4" Thick)

Distressing a new floor means that the floor maintains its perfect fit, but takes on the look and character of a vintage floor. There are several methods for distressing floors, the most commonly used and most accepted is hand-scraping. Hand-scraping hardwood flooring if done by an artisan craftsman as it was done in Europe centuries ago will improve the look and feel of the floor as well as adding much desired character. All DuChateau flooring is hand-scraped by master craftsmen.

Hard-Wax Oil Finish:
All DuChateau Floors are finished with DuChateau Hard-Wax Oil. DuChateau Hard-Wax Oil finish is an ALL NATURAL  non-pollutant, non-toxic, ZERO VOC product with no biocides, no preservatives, and is benzene free. It is produced from natural materials such as vegetable oil and natural waxes made from purified renewable natural raw resources.  Its open grain structure allows the floor to breathe which has a regulatory effect on moisture ensuring a healthy room climate.  The special features of this finish allow the oils to penetrate deeply into the wood pores to enhance, while the wax remains on the surface to maintain a beautiful natural matte finish and create a protective layer offering a resistant and lasting finish. By finishing the wood with Hard-Wax Oil the ultimate color of the floor will flourish.

When smoking a floor, the tannins in the oak wood reacts to the burn, thereby giving the floor a darker and grey appearance, the extent of this depends on the duration of the treatment. Since not every part of the floor will contain the same amount of tannins, one section could appear darker than the other. The result is a rustic and authentic look.

Certain styles of DuChateau Floors are brushed to give them an extra accent. Brushing removes the soft wood from the floor and brings out its texture, making it more durable, and impact resistant. Minor scratches and damages become less apparent and give the wood flooring a slightly rustic look. Combined with Hard-Wax Oil, brushing can give the floor a unique and characteristic appearance. Brushed floors can be maintained using the same methods as a floor that has not been brushed.

Benefits of Hard-Wax Oil Finishes:
One of the secrets to the durability and beauty of DuChateau Floors is their hard-wax oil finish. The oil penetrates deeply into the wood to enhance the look of the natural grain while the wax remains on the surface to create a protective layer that helps the floors stand up to daily use and abuse.
Unlike the run-of-the-mill polyurethanes used on many wood floors today, DuChateau’s hard-wax oil creates a floor that is easily repairable—even for quick spot fixes—so there’s no need to do a major resanding and refinishing job if just one area of your floor gets damaged. Another bonus: the hard-wax oil is extremely water repellent and does not water-mark. That means DuChateau Floors are an excellent choice for homes where life happens (kids, pets and parties) and commercial spaces that see a lot of foot traffic.
By regularly applying our maintenance oils and parquet cleaner to your DuChateau Floors, they will last a lifetime and will always maintain their beauty.

Nominal top layer thicknessmeasured prior to finishing processes. Finishing processes such as wire brushing or hand scraping will affect the overall thickness.Remember to include DuChâteau Maintenance Products on all DuChâteau orders. Use of non-approved products may damage the finish of the floor and void the warranty. Please refer to our official maintenance and care guidelines. All measurements are nominal. Custom sizes are available. Please contact us for more information.

More Information
ManufacturerDuchateau Floors
Style NameVernal Planks & Parquets
SpeciesAmerican Walnut, European Oak
Janka Hardness1360 (Except Natural American Walnut: 1010)
Wear Layer1/6" (4 mm)
WidthPlank: 7-1/2" (190 mm)
Thickness5/8" (15 mm)
LengthPlank: 74-13/16" (1900 mm)
PackagingPlank: 23.315 SF/CTN
GradeSelect Grade or Aged Character
FinishUV Oil
FaceSmooth Finish or Wire Brush
Installation MethodGlue Down, Nail Down, Staple or Float
Where to InstallBelow, On or Above Grade
Available TrimsStair Nose, Baby Threshold, T-Molding and Reducer (Custom treads and stair nose available upon request)
Warranty25 Year Residential Wear, 3 Year Commercial Finish, Lifetime Structure
Install Over Radiant HeatYes
Sq. Ft. / Carton23.315
Freight to CustomerPlease call (310) 481-0611 for Freight Charge
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