Monrovia (Terracotta Classic Colors)

Monrovia Classic Terracotta Tile
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Monrovia Classic Collection (Ceramic & Wall Tile Clay Bisque Terracotta)
This line of Monrovia Series is hand crafted high fired terracotta pavers and tiles for use indoor-outdoor  residential and commercial spaces.

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Classic Color Terracotta Ceramics

Unglazed color through body. Great for indoor and outdoor commercial and residential floors and walls. Ideal for wet and freeze thow condition. Seal with penetrating sealer only for exterior applications; topical for penetrating sealer can be used indoor. and-made terracotta tiles, they feature a pillowed edge (cushion edge) and round corners. This Clay Bisque have 2 Unglazed  colors in Monrovia Series due to the same manufacturing process will look different on them. 

*Some size of tiles are available in 3/8" thickness.
*All tiles are Nominal Size
*A large selection of Trim Pieces are availablr
*CSI Specification: 9 Ceramic Tiling
*This product can contribute to LEED rating system certification in a variety of credit areas
*Only one time freight charge for multiple items of Terracotta Monrovia.

More Information
Style NameClassic Terracotta Ceramic
PriceStarting from $1.79 per Piece (3"x3" tile)
ContentsClay sourced from California and includes 33% recycled post industrial
Tile Thickness5/8” nominal, some tiles are available in 3/8"
Available SizesSquare (16"x16", 12"x12", 8"x8", 6"x6", 5"x5", 4"x4", 3"x3"), Rectangle (8"x16", 6"x12", 4"x8", 2"x8", 3"x6", 2"x4",1"x9"), Hexagon (8" & 12"), Octagon (12" & 10")
Available TrimsChair Rail, LBX Stairtread and Stairtread Corner
Available Colors2
Shade VariationLow
DurabilityAll Residential / Commercial, All Residential / Light Commercial, All Residential Areas, Interior Residentials / Commercials, Residential Bathrooms
ApplicationsResidential, Commercial, Commercial Exteriors, Heavy traffic areas, Industrial, Institutional
Approved UsageFloor Tiles, Flooring, Wall Tiles, Countertops, Backsplashes, Pool Linings, Vanities, Hardscaping, Landscaping
Where to InstallIndoor, Outdoor, Walls, Floors, Pedestrian, Vehicular, Freeze Thaw Rated
Country of OriginUSA
Price / Each$1.79
Freight to CFM$125.00
Freight to CustomerPlease call (310) 481-0611 for Freight Charge
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